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We the partner's of Findmart expressing our work with you, Founded in the year 2020 by three friends who were postgraduates immediately started searching for jobs in the IT field and while searching we found there is more difficulty in searching for everything. So by keeping that moto we thought of not only searching for jobs is difficult but also there is difficulty in searching our day to day needs also. So to overcome this problem we friends made an idea of "Findmart" it is the platform where people can search for everything easily that they need for their day-to-day life. It's a good platform for users to search or to locate their needs without delaying the time in searching for it.

We hope you are enjoying our service as much as we are enjoying offering the best service. If you have any queries or comments please do contact us.

After making research we found people are facing problems in searching for their needs easily, our vision is to overcome the present situation through Findmart where both the business owners and customers can communicate easily and make benefit from their needs.

Our mission is to provide everyone the best service in easy search. We believe that everyone wishes to get their needs to be fulfilled easily and that the world is a better place when we hear that there is Findmart to make it possible easily.