We at Seven Seas, with our perfect blend of charming ambiance, enthralling venues, signature hospitality, premium services and modern facilities are poised to give a new meaning to your celebration.

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Seven Seas

Seven Seas

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  • Saturday 10 am - 11 pm
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  • Tuesday 10 am - 11 pm
  • Wednesday 10 am - 11 pm
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Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn, Delhi, India
    Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn, Delhi. Function Hall with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn, Delhi on Findmart.
Location and Overview:
    Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn, Delhi, India establishment that offers a wide range of services and products category Function Hall in the in the Delhi. They offer customers satisfaction with their products and service, which continues to grow every day by virtue of satisfying a vast customer base. Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn has dedicated employees who put in effort towards achieving common vision of this company as well as expanding their business into new places. In the near future, they will expand their product line and target different markets like Delhi - it is currently located at B-28 Lawrence Road Britania Chowk, Karampura Industrial Area, Shakurpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110034 on Delhi's connecting its location there quite easily to other modes of transport available nearby.
Products and Services offered:
    Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn has Function Hall, services, and payment options to suit your needs. The staff are courteous and prompt in providing any assistance that you may need with questions or queries. They answer your questions without a hitch right away by using cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, UPI- BHIM/Paytm - G Pay anytime from 10 am - 11 pm every day!

Delhi Function Hall in Delhi Seven Seas Banquet & Lawn


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Arjun – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Taruk – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

So thankful to them they worked with me and my wife on a time constraint. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything we envisioned our special day to be!

Ruksar – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

We worked with them their phenomenal squad for our wedding at Seven Seas. From the beginning, these people helped to transform our wedding day into the most memorable event ever.

Namrata – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

They actually made our moment more special with their services. Thank you so much to all the members of Seven Seas.

Om Prakash
Om Prakash – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Seven Seas is an excellent place to make your moment more special. Thanks to all the members of Seven Seas.

Samarth – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

We get very nice hospitaliy from all the members of Seven Seas. They made our occasion very special.

Kabir – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Excellent service at Seven Seas. They influence us to feel more special with their organization. Thank you so much. Really appreciate their work.

Rohit – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Overall Superb. I really enjoyed their presentation. They are really very professional in their work. I literally say just awesome.

Manoj – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Thank you so much to all the members of Seven Seas to make our moment more special and enjoyable. I really loved their work.

Pradish – Fri, 01-Oct-2021:

Very warm service. Their presentation is too good. I really loved their organization for my wedding. Thank you so much to make our moment very special.

Akruti – Mon, 04-Oct-2021: